En­vi­ron­men­tal and po­li­ti­cal causes of the mas­sive mi­gra­to­ry wave of 2015

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The wave of pro­tests of the Arab Spring rea­ched Sy­ria in 2011, but pea­ce­ful de­mons­tra­tions against the re­gime of Bas­sar As­sad tur­ning in­to ar­med conflicts and harsh re­pres­sion and pro­tests spread to the whole coun­try and fes­ter with ar­ri­val of Is­la­mist figh­ters, two branches (al­Nos­tra Front af­fi­lia­ted with al Qae­da and the Is­la­mic state) fi­nan­ced by Sau­di Ara­bia and Qa­tar. Each com­ba­tants is sup­por­ted by dif­ferent po­wers: Qa­tar and Tur­key sup­por­ting the Mus­lim Bro­the­rhood face Ba­char al As­sad (be­cause of the re­pres­sion against the Sun­nis, 1982); Iran and the Le­ba­nese Hez­bol­lah are Shiite thus sup­por­ting the Ba­char al As­sad re­gime; Rus­sia as the Uni­ted States and France want to fight Is­la­mist groups ex­cept that the Rus­sians were rea­dy to sup­port if ne­ces­sa­ry even Ba­char al As­sad that Sy­ria as­su­red them a na­val base in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean ( Tar­tous ). Ter­ro­rists are thus in­tro­du­ced in mi­gra­tion waves to pe­ne­trate Eu­rope. On 15 No­vem­ber 2015, the Pre­sident of the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion sta­ted the fol­lo­wing "those who per­pe­tra­ted these at­tacks are exact­ly those that re­fu­gees are fleeing, not the re­verse" and ex­plai­ning that we should not re­ject all re­fu­gees (3).

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