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The IDMC (In­ter­nal Dis­pla­ce­ment Mo­ni­to­ring Cen­ter)(5) re­por­ted that an ave­rage of 26.4 mil­lion people each year have been dis­pla­ced world­wide by di­sas­ters since 2008. It is re­la­ted to cli­mate and geo­phy­si­cal ha­zards, people are for­ced to flee their homes in the region. So, mi­gra­tion will in­crease du­ring the XXI cen­tu­ry. We should re­con­si­der our pro­duc­tion sys­tems, part­ner­ships, hou­sing and se­cu­ri­ty ta­king ac­count of cli­ma­tic, en­vi­ron­men­tal changes and pro­vi­ding real sup­port to all non­ cor­rupt de­mo­cra­tic forces should lo­cate in all world areas while on the contra­ry there are more dic­ta­tor­ships and in­ter­nal conflicts with ar­ran­ge­ments with to­ta­li­ta­rian re­gimes so­me­times (some coun­tries bought oil from the Is­la­mic state , for example). The ter­rible events of 2015 should alert us face such ca­re­less­ness in Eu­rope and el­sew­here lin­ked to the cur­rent and fu­ture tra­ge­dies close to us.

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