The foun­da­tion of em­pires has al­so led to ma­ny ex­changes and not al­ways vo­lun­ta­ry po­pu­la­tion mi­gra­tion.

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The em­pire of Alexan­der the Great spread Greek to Afri­ca and the Ro­man Em­pire was im­ple­men­ted in all Me­di­ter­ra­nean coun­tries. The ex­ploi­ta­tion of the wealth of Ame­ri­ca and its po­pu­la­tion have en­cou­ra­ged vo­lun­ta­ry mi­gra­tion pat­terns of ma­ny Eu­ro­pean (6) but al­so unin­ten­ded four cen­tu­ries from the six­teenth to ni­ne­teenth, dis­pla­cing near­ly 11 mil­lion Afri­cans (7).

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