The main des­ti­na­tions of French ex­pa­triates

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The 31/12/2014, the French ex­pa­triate re­gis­te­red(1) abroad are more than two mil­lion ( 1,642,593 of­fi­cial­ly) and 42% are bi­na­tio­nal.

If al­most half of them are in Eu­rope (37.6% in the EU, main­ly in the Uni­ted King­dom, Bel­gium and Ger­ma­ny, and 12.1 % in Eu­rope out­side the EU, main­ly Swit­zer­land), their se­cond choice re­mains the con­tinent of North Ame­ri­ca (13.2% main­ly in the US) and South Ame­ri­ca (6%), then Afri­ca (14.8% main­ly North Afri­ca and Fran­co­phone Afri­ca ).

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