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­Sta­tus : Self­go­ver­ning Com­mu­ni­ty, be­lon­ging to Spain, since 1979 ­Ca­pi­tal : Bar­ce­lo­na ­Geo­gra­phic lo­ca­tion : lo­ca­ted in the North West of Spain ­Of­fi­cial lan­guages : Cas­ti­lian, Oc­ci­tan, Ca­ta­lan ­Num­ber of re­si­dents : 7,5 mil­lion in 2010 na­me­ly 17% of Spain’s po­pu­la­tion ­Sur­face area : ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 6 % of Spain’s ter­ri­to­ry ­Main eco­no­mic fields: in­dus­trial (che­mis­try, me­tal­wor­king in­dus­try, bio­tech­no­lo­gy) and ser­vices (banks, tou­rism, pro­per­ty bu­si­ness) ­Num­ber of MPs: 47 ­Num­ber of se­na­tors: 23 ­Pre­sident: Ar­tur Mas (par­ty : De­mo­cra­tic Conver­gence of Ca­ta­lo­nia) ­Ins­ti­tu­tions : a ca­ta­lan Par­lia­ment and a go­vern­ment cal­led Ge­ne­ra­li­tat de Ca­ta­lu­nya

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