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Th­ree can­di­dates in the French pre­si­den­tial elec­tions de­nounce the li­be­ral mo­del adop­ted by the Eu­ro­pean Union and de­fend the idea of a Eu­rope in fa­vor of the wor­kers and not the hol­ders of the ca­pi­tal. The can­di­date of the French Com­mu­nist Par­ty, Na­tha­lie Ar­thaud, as­ked her­self in her pro­gram (22) the ques­tion: "Lea­ving the Eu­ro­pean Union or re­gai­ning so­ve­rei­gn­ty?". “When one is ex­ploi­ted, one is not so­ve­rei­gn of any­thing at all, that the laws are de­ci­ded in France or on the scale of Eu­rope" and pro­poses "the eman­ci­pa­tion of the wor­kers, on world scale". The can­di­date P. Pou­tou al­so would like a Eu­rope of wor­kers, wha­te­ver their ori­gins, to pro­mote in Eu­rope the free mo­ve­ment of per­sons and not that of ca­pi­tal and pro­ducts ". In ca­pi­ta­lism, goods and ca­pi­tal cir­cu­late, not people. We think that the exact op­po­site must be done "(23).

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