The eco­no­mic li­be­ra­lism pro­po­sed by the right and its can­di­date of the UMP

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In the pro­gram of the can­di­date Fran­cois Fillon (44), for­mer head of go­vern­ment un­der the Pre­sident N. Sar­ko­zy, po­li­cies to res­tore eco­no­mic growth and em­ploy­ment sup­port main­ly the com­pa­nies with on the one hand a re­duc­tion in cor­po­rate tax (In­come tax) from 33.33% to 25% over 5 years, and on the other hand a re­duc­tion in the cost of la­bor with a re­duc­tion in so­cial se­cu­ri­ty contri­bu­tions and a contrac­tual lexi­bi­li­ty of la­bor (pos­si­bi­li­ty to ne­go­tiate free­ly By conven­tion, the wor­king time, in which case the 39th week­ly reins­ta­te­ment), but al­so en­tre­pre­neur­ship (rai­sing the cei­ling of the self­en­tre­pre­neur, ..) and in­vest­ment sup­port with re­search tax cre­dits. More sup­port will be gi­ven to SMEs, new di­gi­tal tech­no­lo­gies, home­ba­sed ser­vices, par­ti­cu­lar­ly for the el­der­ly, re­ne­wable ener­gies and hy­brid elec­tric so­lu­tions. All of these tax and so­cial bene its will be off­set by an in­crease in consump­tion tax (cur­rent­ly 20% VAT will in­crease to 22%) and a sharp drop in pu­blic spen­ding (for 2 re­ti­re­ments 1 would be re­place; De­gres­si­vi­ty of unem­ploy­ment bene its ...). On the Eu­ro­pean side, the F. Fillon pro­gram en­vi­sages re­ne­go­tia­ting nu­me­rous exis­ting agree­ments such as the Di­rec­tive on the pos­ted wor­kers or the re­form of the Schen­gen agree­ments. (45) Pos­sible li­mi­ta­tions of the ex­pec­ted po­si­tive ef­fects of this pro­gram could be the im­po­ve­rish­ment of the poor and middle class due to leng­the­ned wor­king hours (39h and 65years) and the re­duc­tion of so­cial aids of unem­ploy­ment wi­thout an abo­li­tion of mass unem­ploy­ment.

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