A new cen­trist li­be­ral and so­cial mo­del

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In the pro­gram of Em­ma­nuel Ma­cron (47), for­mer Mi­nis­ter of Eco­no­my un­der Hol­land, se­ve­ral mea­sures:

­in the ield of em­ploy­ment (1 mil­lion young people and 1 mil­lion unem­ployed with low or no qua­li ica­tions, re­du­ced so­cial contri­bu­tions on low wages),

­the pur­cha­sing po­wer (re­duc­tion of so­cial se­cu­ri­ty contri­bu­tions, an in­crease in the net wage of € 500 / year, 13th month for low wages, rights to unem­ploy­ment bene its for all wor­kers who are even li­be­ral, in­crease of the old­age mi­ni­mum of € 100 / month , Re­mo­val of the hou­sing tax for 80% of hou­se­holds)

­growth with a ive­year in­vest­ment plan of € 50 bil­lion (mo­der­ni­za­tion of pu­blic ser­vices, di­gi­tal and eco­lo­gi­cal eco­no­my, ur­ban re­ge­ne­ra­tion, heal­th­care), a re­duc­tion in the tax on pro its (from 33% to 25% %). Pos­sible li­mi­ta­tions of the ex­pec­ted ef­fects of this pro­gram could be the re­duc­tions in so­cial and is­cal re­ve­nues and the in­crease of pu­blic ex­pen­di­tures are not off­set by sa­vings in pu­blic spen­ding, the­re­fore a risk of wor­se­ning of pu­blic ex­pen­di­ture more or less im­por­tant de­pen­ding on the growth re­sults And the sy­ner­gy ef­fects of an Eu­ro­pean bud­get and the di­gi­tal eco­no­mies in the mo­der­ni­za­tion pro­grams.

growth with a iveyear in­vest­ment plan of € 50 bil­lion

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