What is conscious­ness?

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The phi­lo­so­phers tried to de­fine it since the an­cient per­iod. In the XVII cen­tu­ry, R. Des­cartes de­fi­ned the “no­tion of thought in terms of re­flexive conscious­ness or self- awa­re­ness”( 5).

In the XVIII and XIX cen­tu­ry, G. W. F. He­gel de­fi­ned conscious­ness as know­ledge( or as a

6) syn­the­sis as I. Kant “Conscious­ness is uni­ty being done”( 6).

In the XX cen­tu­ry, B. Rus­sel de­fi­ned the conscious­ness as the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween the ob­ject and the sub­ject(). And J. P. Sartre said “All conscious­ness isn’t know­ledge on­ly” gi­ving the example of emo­tio­nal awa­re­ness( 6).

I re­port some dis­cus­sions with ma­ny dif­ferent ana­lysts about this sub­ject.

The phy­si­cist Dr Ma­no­har Ru­dolph( de­fi­ned conscious­ness as conscious with know­ledge

7) and so try to solve the hard pro­blem of conscious­ness by using the 4 cham­ber mo­del of P. R. Sar­kar which is a re­pre­sen­ta­tion of “the phy­si­cal and men­tal rea­li­ties arise out of a pro­cess of bi­fur­ca­tion and re­duc­tion ( de­ve­lo­ping a sub­jec­tive and an ob­jec­tive realm)”. And so conscious­ness arises from a li­ve­ly in­ter­ac­tion bet­ween these states. This mo­del is a “com­plex space time me­tric” and you find a “me­ta­bo­lism bet­ween dif­ferent parts, which holds them to­ge­ther, like in an or­ga­nism”. This mo­del takes in ac­count “ex­ter­nal ( phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty of neu­ro­nal net­work) and in­ter­nal ( psy­chic, sub­jec­tive cha­rac­ter ex­pe­rience) phe­no­me­na in­to dif­ferent spaces”.

The so­cio­lo­gist Dr Dan “is skep­ti­cal of the pro­ject of mo­de­ling Mind ma­the­ma­ti­cal­ly” be­cause ma­the­ma­ti­cal mo­dels are pro­ducts of the mind” and so li­mi­ted.

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