Would AI ro­bots could have a conscious­ness?

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Ma­ny people be­lieve that conscious­ness is lin­ked to the condi­tion of li­ving forms, and so their ans­wer is “no, a ma­chine, even if in­tel­li­gent, won’t be able to have a conscious­ness”. The business man To­ny told “a ca­me­ra is not vi­sion. It’s this qua­li­ty of conscious­ness which sets the foun­da­tion of what is real – what is mea­ning” ( be­cause felt). “No code, no al­go­rithm could have mea­ning of its ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­lect.”

The Ame­ri­can wri­ter Don be­lieves that: “where conscious­ness oc­curs spon­ta­neous­ly is pure fic­tion” be­cause “conscious­ness is an as­pect of LIFE”.

The Fin­nish ma­na­ger Juk­ka told that « the ans­wers will be found in hu­ma­nism, not in tech­no­lo­gy » .

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