Play­list 30e an­ni­ver­saire

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Pat (Gef­fen, Ca­mille Me­the­ny2007) Secret Sto­ry Le Fil (Vir­gin, 2005) Pur­cell, Ch­ris­tie di­rec­tionDi­do & Ae­neas William (Warner Clas­sics, 2006) Vé­ro­nique San­son Sym­pho­nique San­son (WEA, 1990) Keith Jar­rett Last Dance (Edi­tion of Con­tem­po­ra­ry Mu­sic, 2014) Ce­ci­lia Bar­to­li The Vi­val­di Al­bum (Dec­ca, 1999) Yann Tier­sen Eu­sa (Mute, 2016) Car­myn One (Au­to­pro­duc­tion, 2014) Mar­tha Ar­ge­rich Do­re­mi Le­gen­da­ry Trea­sures - Vol. 4 (Warner Clas­sics, 2016) Phi­lip Glass Songs From The Tri­lo­gy (CBS/Columbia, 1987)

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