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Voi­ci la chro­nique de Mark Preece, un Bri­tan­nique ins­tal­lé en Cor­rèze. Elle se­ra dé­sor­mais pu­bliée un mer­cre­di sur deux, en al­ter­nance avec notre nou­velle chro­nique en oc­ci­tan. Pour l’oc­ca­sion, Mark Preece en a pro­fi­té pour don­ner une nou­velle to­na­li­té à son billet. Cette se­maine, il écrit une lettre à sa mère.

I know I don’t write of­ten but I pro­mise that from now on I will try and keep you up to date with what’s going on here in Frog­gie­land. In the good ol’ U. S. of A there are re­gu­lar­ly violent upri­sings when an Afro­Ame­ri­cain is killed by so­me­times over­zea­lous cops. A town can come to a com­plete stand­still and even the Pre­sident, of the time any­way, com­men­ted to try and ap­pease the po­pu­la­tion. We call Ame­ri­ca “ze States” over here and I have to say we are pret­ty much an­ti the new, (well not so new), Pre­sident with his wa­vy blond hair pro­ba­bly ca­ked with a ton of hairs­pray so that it doesn’t get blown out of shape. In the same coun­try we see scenes on the ‘box’ of people rol­ling un­der a ri­sing me­tal shop se­cu­ri­ty cur­tain to be the first to grab a piece of re­du­ced price, elec­tro­nic equip­ment. Fi­gure why?..They call it ‘Black Fri­day’. At first, be­cause of the name, I thought it had so­me­thing to do with the anar­chy re­la­ted to the po­lice killings, but no, it’s a well pu­bli­ci­zed shop­ping day where you can make huge sa­vings. You’ll ne­ver guess, we had the same thing over here. Yes, se­rious­ly Mum, riots. People figh­ting each other like ani­mals af­ter ha­ving queued up for hours in front of a par­ti­cu­lar chain of su­per­mar­kets in or­der to be­ne­fit from a 70% re­duc­tion in price. The ob­ject of their de­sire?… A fa­mous Ita­lian cho­co­late spread.

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