Spe­cial Ve­nice Bien­nale 2015

Foun­ding Di­rec­tor of Del­fi­na Foun­da­tion, Lon­don

L'officiel Art - - Sommaire -

It was a ro­man­tic ge­ta­way – young but doo­med love. Must have been around 2002. So­li­da­ri­ty. Du­ring the 55th Ve­nice Bien­nale, mas­sive pro­tests star­ted in Is­tan­bul with a bru­tal po­lice res­ponse. Ar­tists and cu­ra­tors who were in Ve­nice for the bien­nale's ope­ning sta­ged de­mons­tra­tions in sup­port of their col­leagues and com­mu­ni­ties in Tur­key. While Tur­key's lo­cal me­dia igno­red the pro­tests, the bien­nale be­came a plat­form to cap­ture the world's me­dia at­ten­tion. Coin­ci­den­tal­ly, Tur­key's Pa­vi­lion pre­sen­ted a so­lo work by Ali Kaz­ma cal­led Re­sis­tance, which subt­ly loo­ked at si­mi­lar po­li­ti­cal is­sues to those erup­ting in Ge­zi Park. The Ar­me­nian Pa­vi­lion I vi­sit bien­nales main­ly to sup­port ar­tists who have par­ti­ci­pa­ted in our pro­grammes at Del­fi­na Foun­da­tion. Ar­me­nia's first pa­vi­lion is in a sym­bo­lic year for the coun­try as it com­me­mo­rates 100 years since the Ar­me­nian ge­no­cide. The ex­hi­bi­tion fea­tures Hrair Sar­kis­sian, He­ra Büyük­ta çıyan, and Rene Ga­bri & Ay­reen Anas­tas, among others.

Ar­me­nian Pa­vi­lion Ar­me­ni­ty Cu­ra­tor: Ade­li­na Cü­be­ryan von Fürs­ten­berg Me­khi­ta­rist Mo­nas­te­ry Is­land of San Laz­za­ro de­gli Ar­me­ni www.ar­me­ni­ty.net Ope­ning May 6, at 6 pm May 6–Oc­to­ber 18.

The Ira­nian Pa­vi­lion Since Iran is of­ten de­pic­ted as being 'un­neigh­bour­ly' by the press, I am ve­ry cu­rious about its pa­vi­lion which will ex­plore con­nec­tions with Cen­tral and South Asia. Six for­mer re­si­dents are in this group show: Ra­shad Alak­ba­rov, Re­za Ara­mesh, Mah­moud Ba­kh­shi, Moa­khar, Ba­bak Gol­kar, Ba­bak Ka­ze­mi, and Fa­rhad Mo­shi­ri. The Great Game - Iran, In­dia, Pa­kis­tan, Af­gha­nis­tan, Kur­dis­tan, Iraq, Cen­tral-Asian Re­pu­blics: art, ar­tists, and cul­ture from the heart of the world. Cu­ra­tors: Mar­co Me­ne­guz­zo, Maz­dak Faiz­nia Calle San Gio­van­ni 1074/B, Can­na­re­gio

All the World's Fu­tures I am ex­ci­ted to vi­sit “All the World's Fu­tures”, the main ex­hi­bi­tion, not on­ly be­cause it fea­tures four of our for­mer re­sident ar­tists (Ju­ma­na Emil Ab­boud, Ala' You­nis, Mi­ka Rot­ten­berg, So­nia Boyce) but al­so be­cause it at­tempts to present a more nuan­ced and glo­bal pers­pec­tive of the role of art to­day, which hasn't been cal­led in­to ques­tion in pre­vious edi­tions. Pic­co­lo Mon­do This quir­ky dance bar is the ol­dest in Ve­nice and of­ten has an ec­cen­tric cast of cha­rac­ters. Du­ring the bien­nale, the art world des­cends on this dive for some late night and of­ten swea­ty dan­cing.

Dor­so­du­ro, 1056/a Tel 041-5200371 pic­co­lo­mon­do.biz North Can­na­re­gio A won­der­ful neigh­bou­rhood to ex­pe­rience li­ving among the lo­cals. Al­though it's away from the tou­rist sites, the Ar­se­nale and Giar­di­ni can be rea­ched in just 2-3 va­po­ret­to stops going nor­theast and avoi­ding the bu­sy Ca­nal Grande. Scuo­la Grande di San Roc­co This buil­ding fea­tures over 50 Tin­to­ret­tos, re­min­ding us that 'site-spe­ci­fic art' is not on­ly a contem­po­ra­ry term.

Cam­po San Roc­co, 3052 30125 San Po­lo scuo­la­gran­de­san­roc­co.it

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