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Foun­der of the Yuz Foun­da­tion, Shan­ghai

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It was 6 years ago, for the Ve­nice Bien­nale. Ve­nice is the ci­ty of emo­tions throu­ghout the cen­tu­ries and years of art... but to fo­cus on one, it could be the Do­ga­na Mu­seum of Fran­çois Pi­nault with whom we en­joy spen­ding time in our Col­lec­tion Mu­seums, in Ve­nice or in Shan­ghai for the Yuz Mu­seum that I foun­ded near the Bund ri­ver. What an achie­ve­ment and such a great lo­ca­tion at the Ocean en­trance of the Ci­ty of Doges! The other great emo­tion for me was the Globe, a spec­ta­cu­lar work mea­su­ring 4.5 me­ters in cir­cum­fe­rence by the Chi­nese-French ar­tist Chen Zhen, which was at the en­trance of the 2009 Bien­nale and which I have ac­qui­red since for my col­lec­tion. I like the idea of all those dif­ferent chairs fa­cing out, towards the ex­pan­ding uni­verse. It is uni­ver­sal philosophy and vi­sual emo­tion brought to­ge­ther in one same world. That's what I like in Ve­nice. Of course I al­ways vi­sit the Chi­nese Pa­vi­lion as well as the In­do­ne­sian Pa­vi­lion which I have spon­so­red for the last few edi­tions. That does not mean that as an in­de­pendent col­lec­tor with a ve­ry per­so­nal cri­ti­cal view on art I sup­port all the content. I vi­sit as ma­ny pa­vi­lions and ex­hi­bi­tions as I can, al­ways wai­ting to be sur­pri­sed, car­ried away or even chal­len­ged by new crea­tions. This year I am ea­ger to see what the ex­hi­bi­tion “All the World's Fu­tures” looks like...

People's Re­pu­blic of Chi­na Pa­vi­lion Liu Jia­kun, Lu Yang, Tan Dun, Wen Hui/Li­ving Dance Stu­dio, Wu Wen­guang/Cao­chang­di Work Sta­tion, Other Fu­ture. Cu­ra­tor: Bei­jing Contem­po­ra­ry Art Foun­da­tion. Pa­vi­lion at Ar­se­nale – Giar­di­no delle Ver­gi­ni.

Re­pu­blic of Indonesia He­ri Do­no, Ko­mo­do Voyage, Cu­ra­tor: Car­la Bian­poen, Res­tu Iman­sa­ri Ku­su­ma­nin­grum. Pa­vi­lion at Ar­se­nale Be­sides being one of the most im­por­tant glo­bal places for art, Ve­nice is for me a home to meet my friends from the art world. So we all con­verge there and have a good time in places like Har­ry's Bar for an af­ter din­ner drink, a lunch at the ter­race of the Mo­na­co Ho­tel fa­cing the Grand Ca­nal, a Grand chef's din­ner at the Bauer where I have stayed, or an ex­clu­sive af­ter­noon with my col­lec­tor friends at the pool side of Bel­mond Ho­tel Ci­pria­ni. But I al­so like to dis­co­ver new exquisite places, like the ac­clai­med Mi­che­lin res­tau­rant Ve­cio Fri­to­lin near the Pra­da Foun­da­tion. Cam­po San Ste­fa­no near the Pa­laz­zo Gras­si and the Ac­ca­de­mia Bridge is a ve­ry ro­man­tic piaz­za where I like to en­joy a ris­tret­to with my wife Mi­chelle. I am ea­ger to see the Kaws ins­tal­la­tion there this year. Har­ry's Bar in Ve­nice Calle Val­la­res­so, 1323 Tel 041-528 5777 har­rys­bar­ve­ne­zia.com Ho­tel Mo­na­co & Grand Ca­nal San Mar­co, 1332 Tel 041-520 0211 ho­tel­mo­na­co.it/en Bauer Ho­tel San Mar­co, 1459 Tel 041-520 7022 bauer­ve­ne­zia.com Ve­cio Fri­to­lin Calle Re­gi­na, 30135 Tel 041-522 2881 ve­cio­fri­to­lin.it

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