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My first time in Ve­nice was with my school when I was 8. I don't re­mem­ber much about it, but I re­mem­ber my first Bien­nale a few years la­ter with my Mom and how much we lau­ghed thin­king about the mo­vie Le va­canze In­tel­li­gen­ti with Al­ber­to Sor­di. So rea­lis­tic in his sa­tire. The stron­gest ar­tis­tic emo­tion I got hap­pe­ned, weird­ly enough, on a fer­ry­boat. I don't re­mem­ber which num­ber it was, but it was run­ning all around the is­lands, while the sun was set­ting beyond the houses. The whole ci­ty is an art­work to me, and to see it un­der that light was just ama­zing. I'm looking for­ward to vi­si­ting Ok­wui En­we­zor's “Gar­den of Di­sor­der”, that is one of the “fil­ters” he crea­ted to his Bien­nale. I've al­ways con­si­de­red the per­cep­tion of chaos and di­sor­der to be two of the stron­gest forces wor­king in our lives, I will be rea­dy and ve­ry glad to get lost in his Giar­di­ni! Out­side the main ve­nues, I am cu­rious to see Rob Pruitt's flea mar­ket at AplusA, and Fon­da­zione Pra­da's “Por­table Classic” ex­hi­bi­tion: it's unbelievable how im­por­tant re­pro­duc­tion and se­ria­li­ty were, even in times we usual­ly see so, so far from contem­po­ra­ry cul­ture and ad­ver­ti­sing…

Rob Pruitt's Flea Mar­ket in Ve­nice. AplusA gal­le­ry San Mar­co 3073, Of­fi­cial ope­ning: May 5th, 12pm, 5-8 May.

Por­table Classic Fon­da­zione Pra­da, Ca' Cor­ner della Re­gi­na San­ta Croce, fon­da­zio­ne­pra­da.org 9 May-13 Sep­tem­ber.

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