L'officiel Art - - Venice Biennale Tribute -

“Mo­ney is not on­ly an ob­ject of the pas­sion for riches; it is the ob­ject of that pas­sion. The lat­ter is es­sen­tial­ly au­ri sa­cra fames. The pas­sion for riches, contra­ry to that for spe­cial kinds of na­tu­ral wealth or use-va­lues, such as clothing, or­na­ments, herds, etc., is pos­sible on­ly when uni­ver­sal wealth has been in­di­vi­dua­li­zed as such in a par­ti­cu­lar ob­ject and can, the­re­fore, be re­tai­ned in the form of a single com­mo­di­ty. Mo­ney ap­pears then no less as an ob­ject than as a source of the pas­sion for riches.” A Contri­bu­tion to the cri­tique of Po­li­ti­cal Eco­no­my (1859)

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