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Pa­lais de To­kyo, ex­hi­bi­tions 24 June - 13 Sep­tem­ber, 13, Ave­nue du Pré­sident Wil­son, Pa­ris 16, T + 33(0)1 81 97 35 88. www.pa­lais­de­to­kyo.com

A must-do in Pa­ris for all lo­cal and in­ter­na­tio­nal art lo­vers, the Pa­lais de To­kyo will sweep you off your feet once more thanks to a pro­fu­sion of ex­hi­bi­tions and events. Thai ar­tist Ko­ra­krit Aru­na­nond­chai (born in 1986) was in­vi­ted to conceive for the first time in France a ci­ne­ma­tic space, a true hy­brid en­vi­ron­ment at the cross­roads of pro­jec­tion and ins­tal­la­tion. En­tit­led “Pain­ting with his­to­ry in a room full of people with fun­ny names III”, the show will most­ly fea­ture new works. Pa­trick Neu has been wor­king for 30 years cut off from the world. Each one of his works leads him away from tra­di­tio­nal tech­niques towards new ex­pe­ri­men­ta­tions which he car­ries out as long for as ne­ces­sa­ry. An un­re­co­gni­zed ar­tist but an essential crea­tor with im­mense ta­lent whose work is fol­lo­wed by wri­ters, art professionals and silent col­lec­tors Jes­per Just (born in 1974) will present a new ins­tal­la­tion com­po­sed of se­ve­ral vi­deos, mu­sic and a per­for­mance. Tianz­huo Chen (born in 1985) is concei­ving a new bo­dy of work which in­cludes a per­for­mance with ar­tist and dan­cer Beio and the Parisian col­lec­tive House of Dra­ma. Mixing pain­ting, dra­wing, ins­tal­la­tion, vi­deo and per­for­mance, Chen com­bines references to re­li­gion and ele­ments from se­ve­ral ur­ban sub­cul­tures that are com­mon to a glo­ba­li­zed youth. Through co­lour­ful ima­ge­ry, gro­tesque and kitsch, im­pre­gna­ted with references to drugs, to the queer hip-hop wave, the rave Lon­don cul­ture, Ja­pa­nese bu­toh, the Lon­don rave cul­ture, NY vo­guing and the fashion world, his works are un­de­nia­bly re­la­ted to a col­lapse of mo­ral and re­li­gious va­lues.

Pa­trick Neu, crys­tal glasses, bla­cke­ned with smoke.

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