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“De­si­gn can be seen as an oracle that re­veals our times. It can be ul­tra-light when we're tra­vel­ling ea­sy, plump when we need pro­tec­tion, conven­tio­nal to pro­vide reas­su­rance, in­ti­mate to bet­ter cuddle us. It is me­di­ta­tive to ap­pease us, fi­gu­ra­tive to de­light us, ab­surd to chal­lenge us and na­tu­ral so that we form at­tach­ments. It can al­so be­come vir­tual so as to trans­port us.” Thus speaks Li­de­wij Edel­koort who is cu­ra­ting the ex­hi­bi­tion “Oracles du de­si­gn” at the Gaî­té Ly­rique. She has cho­sen 10 themes which aim at re­vea­ling the sto­ries hid­den be­hind ob­jects char­ged with sym­bols and his­to­ry. All the pieces come from the de­si­gn col­lec­tion of the Centre na­tio­nal des arts plas­tiques. A ve­ry well thought-out and well de­si­gned ca­ta­logue was pu­bli­shed for this oc­ca­sion (Py­ra­myd pu­bli­shers).

“Oracles du de­si­gn”, Un­til Au­gust 16, la Gaî­té ly­rique, 3, bis rue Pa­pin, Pa­ris 3, T +33(0)1 53 01 52 00.

Ron Arad, Big Ea­sy arm­chair, 2001.

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