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“Gé­rard Ga­rouste, “che­min”, 27 June - 29 No­vem­ber, Fon­da­tion Maeght, 623, Che­min des Gar­dettes, 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence, T +33(0)4 93 32 81 63.

Gé­rard Ga­rouste calls in­to ques­tion the re­pre­sen­ta­tion of the ar­tist. For him an ar­tist lives in “in­tran­qui­li­ty”, on the

verge of in­sa­ni­ty. Ga­rouste wrote a book “In­tran­quille” in which he draws a self-portrait of this fi­gure: a son, a pain­ter, a mad­man.

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