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Al­ber El­baz isn’t known on­ly for the beau­ty of his rea­dy-to-wear col­lec­tions. He is al­so known for his unique way of pre­sen­ting his crea­tions in Lan­vin’s fag­ship store win­dows, par­ti­cu­lar­ly that on Rue du Fau­bourg-Saint-Ho­no­ré, which create a true street thea­ter. Tis year, in Ju­ly, the win­dow was de­di­ca­ted to ce­le­bra­ting 125 years of the house, while March hos­ted fun­ny kings and queens. Te time had come for the de­si­gner to col­lect all those ta­bleaux in a book “LAN­VIN: I LOVE YOU”— here in the Oc­to­ber win­dow—re­cal­ling in pic­tures 200 of the de­si­gner’s com­po­si­tions, so­me­times ai­ded by sharp ar­tists. 22 Rue du Fau­bourg-Saint-Ho­no­ré, Pa­ris 8, www.lan­

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