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Its name sounds like a tri­bute to the ca­pi­tal ci­ty it­self. Lo­gi­cal, gi­ven that it is lo­ca­ted in the mid­st of the most em­ble­ma­tic dis­trict of Pa­ris, close to the Champ-de­Mars, bet­ween the Eif­fel To­wer and the In­va­lides... Le Pa­ri­sis is an at­trac­tive es­ta­blish­ment with 45 rooms (thir­ty rooms have a view of the Eif­fel To­wer), de­co­ra­ted in an Art Dé­co style by in­te­rior de­si­gner, Pas­cale Douillard. The me­tal and sto­ne­work is dis­creet­ly su­bli­ma­ted. The ove­rall at­mos­phere is ele­gant­ly co­sy. We par­ti­cu­lar­ly like the pa­tio with its plan­ted wall and de­co­ra­tive ele­ments which hint at the Pa­ris of the ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry. Maxal­to gray and pink arm­chairs and small cu­shions by So­nia Ry­kiel for Lelièvre in the en­trance hall, Gilles Trillard’s exhibition of black and white pho­to­graphs un­der the pa­tio’s glass­roof..., and, in the rooms, con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gns en­han­ced by fine lea­ther Nor­mann Co­pen­ha­gen arm­chairs.

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