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This temple of orien­tal beau­ty de­si­gned by Sy­bille de Mar­ge­rie co­vers 900 square me­ters. Af­ter ha­ving tra­ded your shoes for san­dals at the en­trance – a sym­bo­lic way to leave be­hind the stress of dai­ly life – one can en­joy all the ho­lis­tic ap­proach to this ha­ven of peace: 14-me­ter swim­ming pool, gym cen­ter, steam room with orien­tal herbs ... The four suites for in­di­vi­dual care have their own sho­wers, steam rooms and pri­vate dres­sing rooms, while the th­ree suites for couples have their own vi­ta­li­ty pool. The Hu-Tieh Quan care treat­ment, a real pam­pe­ring ri­tual for near­ly th­ree hours, al­ter­nates mois­tu­ri­zing baths, nou­ri­shing wraps and massage of the key points in the neck, face and shoul­ders. —

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