Caro­line, founder of the ce­ramic brand Three Seven, Jonas, model, their daugh­ter, Muse, aged 3, and Wynck­les, their faith­ful dog

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How do you cope with the co­ex­ist­ing lives of Muse and Three Seven? — C.: Pretty well. I work hard, but as it’s my com­pany, I work the hours that I choose. As a model, Jonas trav­els a lot, but looks after Muse when­ever he’s here. Even so, I must ad­mit that I al­ways have the im­pres­sion of not hav­ing enough time for ev­ery­thing! Life and hap­pi­ness de­pend on a sense of balance. I can’ t imag­ine my life with­out my child just as I can’t imag­ine it with­out my work. They’ re in­sep­a­ra­ble: if my fam­ily’ s fine, I’ m fine; if my work’ s fine, I’m fine. One has to move for­ward on both fronts at the same time! Do you have any tips for keep­ing one’s head above wa­ter? — My ad­vice is to keep a sense of pri­or­i­ties and know when to take a step back if things are go­ing too fast. Ev­ery morn­ing, I spend a cou­ple of min­utes thinking about all that I have: a close fam­ily; a su­per­man of a hus­band, who’s lov­ing and ready to lis­ten; a healthy, three-year-old pop­pet of a daugh­ter; and how lucky I am to be preg­nant for a sec­ond time… Wor­ries about work are in­stantly put into per­spec­tive. What’s the key to main­tain­ing the balance? — Never give up. I think we are a gen­er­a­tion who al­ways feels there’s not enough time. I refuse to ca­pit­u­late on cer­tain things on the pre­text of be­ing a work­ing par­ent.

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