— My 10-year-old son is go­ing to sum­mer camp. But at school he’s rather shy and finds it hard to mix with oth­ers. How can I send him off feel­ing re­as­sured and more self-con­fi­dent?

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To get him used to the idea of go­ing to sum­mer camp, pre­pare his trip to­gether well in ad­vance. Check out what he can ex­pect to find on his ar­rival. Since chil­dren of­ten make friends on the bus or train jour­ney there, pack a few things that he can eas­ily share (a bag of sweets, a card game, etc). Teach­ing him to do a magic trick may also help him break the ice. On the day he leaves, look out for other chil­dren on their own and in­tro­duce them to your son. To re­as­sure him while he’s away, tell him to look for a smooth peb­ble in the for­est and sug­gest he leave it in the sun all day and the moon­light all night, so that it soaks up a special power… and tell him to put it in his pocket and keep it there. This tal­is­man will boost his con­fi­dence and strength.

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