— “I’m bored…” Our 9-year-old daugh­ter keeps telling us this. How can we help her not to “be bored” with­out hav­ing to keep her oc­cu­pied all the time?

Milk Magazine (English) - - EDUCATION - Anne Abric-Lapie, par­ent­ing coach

Your daugh­ter could be ex­press­ing sev­eral things. Pay­ing heed to her is one way of eas­ing the sit­u­a­tion. She says she’s bored, but what is she ac­tu­ally try­ing to tell you? Take this ap­proach, for ex­am­ple: when she says: “I’m bored,” show her that you’ve heard her: “I can see that you’re bored.” Don’t ask her ques­tions, but let her talk. She may re­ply: “Oh, yes, I’m so bored. I want to do some­thing.” You: “Do you want to play at some­thing else?” She might say: “Yes, with you…” And you’ll say: “Ah, you want us to do some­thing to­gether.” Ei­ther your child is re­ally bored and this phase will soon pass, or there’s a hid­den mes­sage and help­ing her to ex­press it will be the key to solv­ing the prob­lem.

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