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You can’t have a se­rious and res­pec­table cock­tail par­ty anyw­here in France wi­thout some form of onion tart. Whe­re­ver you tra­vel, you will find a ver­sion. With ba­con and cream or wi­thout. A noble tra­vel goal is to make a cir­cuit of all of France and try all the re­gio­nal va­rie­ties. Along the Ri­vie­ra it seems the trend is no ba­con or cheese, but I’m fee­ling slight­ly ico­no­clas­tic from the wind and sun so I de­cree that my ver­sion to­day will in­clude both ba­con AND goat cheese. Et voi­la! • pâte bri­sée (short­crust pas­try) for a 25 cm/ 10 inch tart pan

• 3 ta­bles­poons olive oil

• 60 g/2 ounces lar­dons, or thick smo­ked ba­con sli­ced across in­to 1 cm/ 1/4 inch strips • 750 g/ 1 1/2 pounds yel­low onions, pee­led and sli­ced thin • salt and pep­per

• 250 ml/ 1 cup hea­vy cream

• 3 eggs

• nut­meg

• 1 buche de chevre, cut in­to 8 rounds Line a tart pan with the pas­try. Press foil in­to the pan on top of the pas­try, fill with dry beans and bake at 180C/375F 10 mi­nutes, un­til the pas­try is just set. Re­move the foil and beans and let the tart co­ol.

Heat the olive oil in a large pan over me­dium-low heat with the lar­dons or ba­con. Add the onions and cook, stir­ring from time to time, un­til they be­gin to be­come trans­lucent. Press a piece of foil or ba­king pa­per on­to the sur­face of the onions, re­duce the heat to low and conti­nue co­oking un­til the onions are quite soft, 20-30 mi­nutes. Do not brown.

In a bowl mix the cream with eggs un­til smooth, ad­ding se­ve­ral fresh gra­tings of nut­meg (about

1/4 teas­poon). When the onions are co­oked, spread them in the tart shell. Place the rounds of chevre on the onions, then pour the cream mix­ture over. Cook for about 30 mi­nutes at 175C/350F.

Serve nei­ther too not, nor too cold, with a chil­led Ro­sé. And a sa­lad if it will make you feel vir­tuous. te­lu­de­rum. Se­dis vo­lup­tas­sim qui blan­diaes co­nec­ta­te­cat enim reium­qui. vit. Ret, aut vis ne­me­nat, quon­sil icaece in­gu­lis ta­tiem iu­sum ina, spe­reis sul ta­bus, C. Ti­ce­ris consult odi­cis non­dan.

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