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This is the story of a man who was gifted in the dra­matic arts, as well as an out­stand­ing ath­lete! He be­came part of Hol­ly­wood sim­ply by tak­ing on the roles of well-built characters like body­guards—such as in ThePlay­er­sClub. This was a role he was very fa­mil­iar with, hav­ing ac­tu­ally worked as a body­guard to Will Smith and Jamie Foxx in the hope of kick start­ing his own ca­reer. He didn’t have to wait too long… /C’est l’his­toire d’un homme doué pour l’art dra­ma­tique et VuU­doué en aUt atKlétLque! Il a tout VLP­plePent Ln­tégUé Hol­ly­wood en en­doVVant deV UôleV de gaUde du FoUpV - danV TKePlayeUVCluE - et autUeV peUVon­nageV FopLeuVePent EodyEuLldéV. Une VL­tu­atLon pluV vUaLe que natuUe puLVqu’Ll a UéellePent été le gaUde du FoUpV de WLll SPLtK ou enFoUe JaPLe Foxx en eVpéUant voLU déFolleU Va pUopUe no­toULété. /’at­tente n’auUa pas été longue…

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