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You’re out of prac­tice! /Rien ne va plus!


The die is cast, and you are well wide of the mark. Ei­ther this kind of en­ter­tain­ment is of no in­ter­est to you, or your me­mory is start­ing to fail you! Don’t panic though, you just need to get back into the swing of things. Get back up to date by equip­ping your­self with the lat­est edi­tions of some of the great clas­sics. //HV jHXx VRQW IDLWV, HW YRXV êWHV ORLQ GX FRPSWH. SRLW FH WySH de di­ver­tisse­ment ne vous in­téresse pas du tout, soit votre méPRLUH FRPPHQFH à flDQFKHU! 3DV GH SDQLTXH, UHSORQJHz-YRXV GDQV OH EDLQ. ,O VXI­fiW GH YRXV PHWWUH à OD SDJH HW GH YRXV SURcurer des titres in­con­tourn­ables réédités.

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