Vertical (English) - - Euronews - Adi Stocker, Long­lines, Die ganz großen Klet­tereien der Nördlichen Kal­ka­lpen, Pan­ico Alpin­ver­lag, 224 pages.

44,000 me­ters of climb­ing, 1100 pitches of rope, and 40 routes: th­ese three fig­ures con­firm that Adi Stocker has not writ­ten your av­er­age guide­book. Ex­tremely well il­lus­trated, the high­est lime­stone walls of the Eastern Alps are pre­sented by climb­ing au­thors with a great deal of ex­pe­ri­ence. What is their method for push­ing them­selves even fur­ther? Climb­ing routes at least twenty pitches long, thus the ori­gin of the ti­tle, “Long­lines”. The list in­cludes mod­ern bolted routes (like Zehn­nachFünf, in Dach­stein, 30 pitches, 1100 me­ters, 70 bolts), as well as older clas­sics pro­tected by pitons, and that one must climb with ex­treme cau­tion ( North Di­he­dral on Lalid­er­erspitze, 32 pitches, 850 me­ters). Adi Stocker does not stop at sim­ply show­ing th­ese climbs through spec­tac­u­lar pho­tos; he also pro­vides the his­tory of each, a pre­cise sketch of the route, and a com­plete de­scrip­tion. In the end, this book is a wor­thy tool when look­ing for am­bi­tious ob­jec­tives.

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