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With lim­ited trade, in­vest­ment and own­er­ship rights, many Cuban pro­duc­ers are forced to im­pro­vise in or­der to bring prod­ucts to mar­ket -- like Orestes Estevez, a Ha­vana wine­maker, who finds con­doms in­dis­pens­able, ac­cord­ing to an April Associated Press dis­patch. The "most re­mark­able sight" the re­porter saw was "hun­dreds of (open) bot­tles capped with con­doms," which in­flate from gases as the fruit fer­ments. When fer­men­ta­tion is done, the con­dom goes limp. (The AP also noted that fish­er­men use con­doms to carry bait far from shore and which also in­crease tug­ging re­sis­tance when nib­bling fish fight the line.)

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