How do we know what was ob­scene in a dead lan­guage?

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By lit­er­ary genre, es­sen­tially: if it was writ­ten on the toi­let wall but didn't ap­pear in satire, it was likely to be prop­erly rude. English has a "Big Six": "cunt", "fuck", "cock", "arse", "shit" and "piss." The Ro­mans had a "Big 10": cun­nus (cunt), fu­tuo (fuck), men­tula (cock), verpa (erect or cir­cum­cised cock), landica (cli­toris), cu­lus (arse), pedico (bug­ger), caco (shit), fello (fel­late) and ir­rumo (er, mouth-rape).

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