What hap­pened in Las Vegas?

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The Las Vegas shoot­ing on 1 Oc­to­ber was the worst mass shoot­ing in re­cent Amer­i­can his­tory: at least 58 peo­ple were killed and 546 in­jured at the Route 91 fes­ti­val. The per­pe­tra­tor, Stephen Pad­dock, was a 64-year-old Ne­vada res­i­dent. He owned a to­tal of 49 firearms. 23 were re­cov­ered in his ho­tel suite and 26 were found in his res­i­dences. Twelve of these weapons were semi-au­to­matic ri­fles mod­i­fied with bump stocks, a de­vice that made them func­tion like au­to­matic weapons.

shoot­ing gun at­tack / to in­jure to hurt, to harm / firearm gun / to re­cover to find / ri­fle long-bar­relled gun, cara­bine / bump stock at­tach­ment which makes a semi-au­to­matic weapon as fast and as pow­er­ful as an au­to­matic / de­vice mech­a­nism.

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