Nigel Farage

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The former Ukip leader has crit­i­cised the party’s cur­rent leader, Ger­ard Bat­ten, for try­ing to bring in Tommy Robin­son, a far-right anti-Mus­lim ac­tivist. Farage’s state­ment came at the end of Septem­ber, as the Euroscep­tic party was open­ing its an­nual con­fer­ence with a range of new poli­cies tar­get­ing Mus­lims. “I’m less than im­pressed with the cur­rent di­rec­tion in which we’re go­ing,” Farage told the Press As­so­ci­a­tion. “It de­val­ues, un­der­mines many of the in­cred­i­ble achieve­ments.”

UKIP UK In­de­pen­dence Party Po­lit­i­cal party for In­de­pen­dence from the Euro­pean Union and against im­mi­gra­tion / cur­rent present / far-right ex­treme-right / range se­ries / to tar­get to have as an ob­jec­tive, aim at / to un­der­mine to weaken, dam­age / achieve­ment ac­com­plish­ment, suc­cess.

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