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Meet the man who dresses as a 10-foot tree to teach people to be kind to one ano­ther and na­ture. Lio­nel Po­well, 57, spends up to 12-hours a day dres­sed as Tree­man in the hope of ma­king people smile, get­ting them to talk about hu­man na­ture and more. As a child gro­wing up in the Mar­cy Pro­jects of Brook­lyn, New York, he was fas­ci­na­ted with na­ture and sad­de­ned by the des­truc­tion of the na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment. He found ins­pi­ra­tion for his lar­ger-than-life cha­rac­ter Tree­man, from the beau­ty of Mo­ther Na­ture and de­ve­lo­ped a backs­to­ry for Tree­man to ins­pire those he en­coun­ters. It takes Lio­nel two-hours to get in­to his ela­bo­rate costume - wea­ring his big shoes to make him 10ft tall, using face paint, spe­cial glues and rub­bers, paints, har­de­ners, real and faux plants. In ad­di­tion to mir­ror re­flec­tors over his eyes so that people can see their re­flec­tion in na­ture.

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