Ka­ma­la Har­ris

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Sen. Ka­ma­la Har­ris, Ca­li­for­nia's ju­nior U.S. se­na­tor, told Ca­li­for­nia De­mo­crats that they should fo­cus on de­fea­ting Re­pu­bli­cans in the state's congres­sio­nal de­le­ga­tion who vo­ted to re­peal the Af­for­dable Care Act. "If you vote for people to lose their heal­th­care, then you need to lose your job, " she said du­ring her speech to the Ca­li­for­nia De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty conven­tion.

Sen. = Se­na­tor / ju­nior/se­nior (se­na­tor) adj. cou­ram­ment uti­li­sés pour dis­tin­guer (se­lon le ni­veau d’an­cien­ne­té) les deux sé­na­teurs d’un État / to fo­cus on se concen­trer sur / to re­peal abro­ger / Af­for­dable Care Act ou Oba­ma­care, loi vo­tée en 2010 ins­ti­tuant la cou­ver­ture de san­té uni­ver­selle / heal­th­care ici, cou­ver­ture san­té.

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