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Ja­mie Oli­ver has laun­ched in­to a sca­thing at­tack on The­re­sa May and ar­gued the British Prime Mi­nis­ter and her team do not "give a f***" about ta­ck­ling child­hood obe­si­ty. The ce­le­bri­ty chef and cam­pai­gner, fa­med for im­pro­ving the qua­li­ty of school din­ners, ac­cu­sed them of di­lu­ting the an­ti-obe­si­ty stra­te­gy he hel­ped for­mu­late with Da­vid Ca­me­ron’s go­vern­ment.

sca­thing ici, vé­hé­ment / to argue af­fir­mer / they do not give a f**k (=fuck) about... ils se contre­fichent de... / to ta­ckle ici, com­battre / cam­pai­gner mi­li­tant / fa­med cé­lèbre.

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