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The event tur­ned violent af­ter protesters cla­shed with coun­ter­pro­tes­ters, lea­ving 14 in­ju­red. On the mor­ning of Au­gust 12, Vir­gi­nia go­ver­nor Ter­ry McAu­liffe de­cla­red a state of emer­gen­cy, sta­ting that pu­blic sa­fe­ty could not be sa­fe­guar­ded wi­thout ad­di­tio­nal po­wers. Wi­thin an hour, the Vir­gi­nia State Po­lice de­cla­red the as­sem­bly to be un­law­ful. At around 1:45 p.m, a man lin­ked to white-su­pre­ma­cist groups ram­med his car in­to a crowd of coun­ter­pro­tes­ters about 0.5 miles away from the ral­ly site, killing one per­son and in­ju­ring 19. At­tor­ney Ge­ne­ral Jeff Ses­sions des­cri­bed the ram­ming as do­mes­tic ter­ro­rism.

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