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An Economist/YouGov poll of Ame­ri­cans sho­wed that 42% of re­spon­dents di­sap­pro­ved of Trump’s hand­ling of "the si­tua­tion in Charlottesville," while

27% ap­pro­ved and 31% had no opi­nion. When as­ked "which group ... is more li­ke­ly to use vio­lence"; 32% of re­spon­dents said white na­tio­na­lists, 10% said an­ti-ra­cism protesters, and 45% said "both equal­ly li­ke­ly," while 14% were un­sure; De­mo­crats were more li­ke­ly to at­tri­bute vio­lence to white na­tio­na­lists, while Re­pu­bli­cans were most li­ke­ly to blame both sides equal­ly. poll son­dage / re­spondent per­sonne in­ter­ro­gée / hand­ling ges­tion / li­ke­ly ici, sus­cep­tible.

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