Dun­geons and Dra­gons

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Set in a rui­ned me­die­val ci­ty called Dream­land, Matt Groe­ning’s re­cent­ly an­noun­ced Net­flix se­ries Di­sen­chant­ment will fol­low the grub­by ad­ven­tures of an al­co­ho­lic prin­cess, her elf com­pa­nion and a de­mon. Groe­ning him­self has said: “Di­sen­chant­ment will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep lau­ghing in a world full of suf­fe­ring and idiots, despite what the el­ders and wi­zards and other jerks tell you.”

Dun­geons and Dra­gons VF = Don­jons et dra­gons (lit. «ou­bliettes et dra­gons») - jeu de rôle sur table d’ins­pi­ra­tion mé­dié­vale et fan­tas­tique / Matt Groe­ning des­si­na­teur, scé­na­riste et pro­duc­teur amé­ri­cain, créa­teur des Simp­son / grub­by ici, glauque / el­der aî­né, an­cien / wi­zard sor­cier / jerk cré­tin, abru­ti.

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