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Millar­world, the co­mic book com­pa­ny res­pon­sible for Kick-Ass, King­sman and more, has been bought by Net­flix. The pu­bli­shing house is run by Mark Millar, who wor­ked on Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: Ci­vil War and Lo­gan in his time at Mar­vel. It was es­ta­bli­shed in 2004, and ma­ny of its crea­tions have al­rea­dy been tur­ned in­to mo­vies. Fox The col­la­bo­ra­tion with Net­flix will mean ma­ny of Millar's other worlds will be­come TV se­ries and mo­vies.

co­mics = (co­mic) strips, bandes des­si­nées / pu­bli­shing house mai­son d’édi­tion / to run, ran, run di­ri­ger / in his time at lors­qu’il tra­vaillait à.

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