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Jack Oh­man joi­ned The Sa­cra­men­to Bee in 2013. He pre­vious­ly wor­ked at the Ore­go­nian, the Detroit Free Press and the Co­lum­bus Dis­patch. His work is syn­di­ca­ted to more than 200 news­pa­pers by Tri­bune Me­dia Ser­vices. Jack won the Pu­lit­zer Prize in 2016 and was a Pu­lit­zer fi­na­list in 2012. He has won the Ro­bert F. Ken­ne­dy Jour­na­lism Award, the Scripps Foun­da­tion Award, the na­tio­nal SPJ Award, and was the fi­na­list for the Her­block Prize in 2013.

pre­vious­ly au­pa­ra­vant / to syn­di­cate ici, pu­blier si­mul­ta­né­ment dans plu­sieurs jour­naux.

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