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Aus­tra­lia is hol­ding a na­tio­nal pos­tal sur­vey on whe­ther same-sex marriage should be le­ga­li­zed. Over 16 mil­lion Aus­tra­lians are eli­gible for the poll and they have un­til 7 No­vem­ber to cast their bal­lot by mail. If a ma­jo­ri­ty of people say “yes”, it will not change the law di­rect­ly, but it could lead to a vote in Par­lia­ment. Aus­tra­lian Prime Mi­nis­ter Mal­colm Turn­bull has ur­ged Aus­tra­lians to sup­port gay marriage. “I am vo­ting yes be­cause fun­da­men­tal­ly, this is a ques­tion of fair­ness. Th­rou­ghout my time in pu­blic life, whe­ther in go­vern­ment or op­po­si­tion, I have sought to en­sure that same sex couples are not dis­cri­mi­na­ted against,” he said in a speech at the launch of the New South Wales Yes cam­pai­gn last month. The re­sults of the sur­vey are ex­pec­ted on 15 No­vem­ber.

Down Under (en) Aus­tra­lie / sur­vey son­dage, en­quête / to be eli­gible for ici, être concer­né par / poll son­dage, vote / to cast, cast, cast a bal­lot vo­ter / to urge ex­hor­ter / fair­ness équi­té / to seek, sought, sought to cher­cher à / to en­sure faire en sorte que / to be dis­cri­mi­na­ted against su­bir des dis­cri­mi­na­tions / speech dis­cours / launch lan­ce­ment / New South Wales Nou­velle-Galles du Sud (État du sud-est de l’Aus­tra­lie).

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