Ber­nie San­ders

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Former De­mo­cra­tic pri­ma­ry can­di­date Ber­nie San­ders has un­vei­led a “Me­di­care for all” bill. His plan is that the US go­vern­ment would be the "single payer" on health ex­penses. As of to­day, there are ma­ny payers in the US health care sys­tem, in­clu­ding in­su­rance com­pa­nies, the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment, states… While the bill has no chance to pass this congress, it is sup­por­ted by se­ve­ral De­mo­cra­tic Se­na­tors. And some of them are re­gar­ded as po­ten­tial 2020 pre­si­den­tial can­di­dates...

pri­ma­ry (ici, aux) pri­maires (élec­tion de sé­lec­tion au sein d’un par­ti) / to un­veil dé­voi­ler, an­non­cer / Me­di­care sys­tème d’as­su­rance san­té fé­dé­ral pour les per­sonnes de plus de 65 ans ou ré­pon­dant à cer­tains critères / bill pro­jet de loi / ex­penses dé­penses / as of to­day à ce jour / to pass être adop­té par / to re­gard consi­dé­rer.

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