Vocable (Anglais) - - Practic 'Able -

Par­mi les phrases sui­vantes, trou­vez celles qu’il fau­dra évi­ter à tout prix lors de vos né­go­cia­tions à l’étran­ger : a- It’s a plea­sure to fi­nal­ly meet you. It’s a ve­ry nice place you live in! b- Gosh, the flight was hor­rible. You have to ad­mit you Ame­ri­cans are of­ten loud

and sel­fish… c- I’ve come all the way from France so let me tell you so­me­thing: you will si­gn this

contract no mat­ter what! d- Do you know a nice place where we could car­ry on our conver­sa­tion? I’m buying! e- Ok, I’m done wor­king now… let’s get was­ted! What do you say? f- With all due res­pect sir, this in not what you told me over the phone. g- We could dis­cuss it over din­ner. What do you think?

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