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The Force is with him... again! Lu­cas­film an­noun­ced that J.J. Abrams "is re­tur­ning to com­plete the se­quel tri­lo­gy as wri­ter and di­rec­tor of Star Wars: Epi­sode IX." The fa­mous film­ma­ker di­rec­ted Star Wars: The Force Awa­kens (epi­sode VII), re­lea­sed in 2015. "J.J. de­li­ve­red eve­ry­thing we could have pos­si­bly ho­ped for, and I am so ex­ci­ted that he is co­ming back to close out this tri­lo­gy," Lu­cas­film pre­sident Kath­leen Ken­ne­dy said in a sta­te­ment. The ninth ins­tallment of the sa­ga is ex­pec­ted to hit ci­ne­mas in De­cem­ber 2019.

se­quel suite ici, nou­velle / di­rec­tor réa­li­sa­teur / to re­lease sor­tir (sur les écrans) / to de­li­ver ap­por­ter, of­frir / to close out bou­cler / ins­tallment (US) = ins­talment (GB) épi­sode / to hit, hit, hit ci­ne­mas sor­tir au ci­né­ma.

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