Still stan­ding

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30 years ago, Keith Ha­ring

pain­ted a co­lour­ful mu­ral on the ex­te­rior of a stair­well at the Ne­cker hos­pi­tal in Pa­ris. “I made this pain­ting to amuse the sick chil­dren in this hos­pi­tal,” the Ame­ri­can street ar­tist wrote in his dia­ry in 1987. Now the to­wer, which had been da­ma­ged over the years and threa­te­ned with de­mo­li­tion, has been gi­ven a fa­ce­lift. The mu­ral was re­vea­led to the pu­blic in its new­ly res­to­red state last month. Long live the to­wer!

Still stan­ding (lit.) tou­jours de­bout, réf. à la chan­son d’E. John, I’m Still Stan­ding / co­lour­ful co­lo­ré / mu­ral fresque / stair­well cage d’es­ca­lier / dia­ry jour­nal (in­time) / threa­te­ned me­na­cé / fa­ce­lift ra­va­le­ment.

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