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US Health Se­cre­ta­ry Tom Price re­si­gned last month over his use of ex­pen­sive pri­vate planes and mi­li­ta­ry air­craft for go­vern­ment bu­si­ness trips. Re­ports by news web­site Po­li­ti­co say he spent $1m on these flights. Tom Price, who was ap­poin­ted in Fe­brua­ry, was al­rea­dy in a pre­ca­rious po­si­tion with Do­nald Trump af­ter re­pea­ted fai­lures to re­peal and re­place Oba­ma­care. The US pre­sident cal­led Price a “ve­ry fine man” but said he did not like the “op­tics” of mem­bers of his ca­bi­net flying at great ex­pense to tax­payers.

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