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In­di­ge­nous people make up 3 percent of the to­tal Aus­tra­lian po­pu­la­tion. To­day, most of them live in ci­ties and towns. Aus­tra­lian En­glish bor­rows more than 400 words from Abo­ri­gi­nal

lan­guages: koa­la, wom­bat, boo­me­rang…

The Abo­ri­gi­nal flag was first flown in Ade­laide in 1971. Since then, it has be­come a wi­de­ly re­co­gni­sed sym­bol of the iden­ti­ty of Abo­ri­gi­nal people.

Na­tio­nal Sor­ry Day is an an­nual event held on 26 May to re­mem­ber the mis­treat­ment of Aus­tra­lia’s Abo­ri­gi­nal com­mu­ni­ties.

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