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So­phia made a sur­prise ap­pea­rance at a mee­ting at the Uni­ted Na­tions on 11 Oc­to­ber. So­phia is one of the world’s most so­phis­ti­ca­ted ro­bots. This life-like hu­ma­noid was crea­ted in the US and has be­come a me­dia sen­sa­tion over the past months. She has gi­ven nu­me­rous TV in­ter­views, per­for­med in concert, and even gra­ced the co­ver of Elle ma­ga­zine in Bra­zil. At the UN, she at­ten­ded a mee­ting on ar­ti­fi­cial intelligence, where she spoke to the au­dience and was in­ter­vie­wed by UN De­pu­ty Se­cre­ta­ryGe­ne­ral Ami­na Mo­ham­med. As­ked what could be done to help people who do not have ac­cess to In­ter­net or elec­tri­ci­ty, she said: “If we are smar­ter and fo­cu­sed on win-win type of re­sults, A.I. could help pro­fi­cient­ly dis­tri­bute the world’s exis­ting re­sources like food and ener­gy.”

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