The re­turn of the Ad­dams fa­mi­ly?

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An ani­ma­ted mo­vie of the Ad­dams fa­mi­ly is in the works. The ru­mour has been going on for a long time, but ac­cor­ding to Va­rie­ty, things are get­ting se­rious. The ma­ga­zine says Sau­sage Par­ty’s di­rec­tor Con­rad Ver­nont is now on board to di­rect the MGM mo­vie. If it be­comes a rea­li­ty, the ani­ma­ted film will re­vive the ma­cabre fa­mi­ly, which first ap­pea­red as a car­toon in The New Yor­ker, be­fore be­co­ming a TV show and two le­gen­da­ry 1990s films star­ring An­je­li­ca Hus­ton and Ch­ris­ti­na Ric­ci.

to be in the works être en pré­pa­ra­tion / Sau­sage Par­ty Sau­sage Par­ty : La Vie pri­vée des ali­ments (film d’ani­ma­tion sor­ti en 2016) / to be on board être d’ac­cord / to di­rect réa­li­ser (film) / to re­vive res­sus­ci­ter / car­toon des­sin hu­mo­ris­tique, sa­ti­rique / The New Yor­ker ma­ga­zine heb­do­ma­daire fon­dé en 1925 / to star ici, avoir pour ve­dette.

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